Thursday, April 18, 2013

Food is Fuel

Rich Wood
A Journey Through Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Diabetes and Lifestyle Change

I think the statement “I need to lose weight” is filled with negativity. It already has the word “lose” in it. Same as “I’m going on a diet.” You have said these words a million times. Try saying “I’m going to get healthy.” There is no way to think negatively about this. No one could say anything negative back to you if you say this. When you say “diet,” your friends will start coming up with reasons why you shouldn’t, but why would anyone be against you getting healthy.

Every day is precious, so start living your life in a way to be proud and healthy. Getting on the path takes incredible strength and commitment. These are powerful words. Can you think of any reason not to put time and effort into your own health? Who else is going to take care of that for you? The people I train are proud of themselves for what they are achieving. They let me know through positive words and actions. They thank me – but they are the ones putting in the hard work. I am humbled and grateful to be a part of it. I am thankful for them. One little lifestyle change can be the tip of the iceberg that will change everything. When you start working out and eating healthy, you will be no longer want bad food or alcohol. This statement is based on specific people I have watched completely change their relationship with food and alcohol. They no longer want to change how great they are feeling ALL the time, for short term unhealthy pleasure. Weight loss is part of it, but the way you feel everyday is the key. 

I write this blog to remind you that it is never too late. It’s not hard to start. There is nothing to fear. It’s time to stop talking about getting healthy and start doing it. Have you looked to see how inexpensive it is to join a gym? I’m so lucky that I get to work in an environment where people’s lives are changed everyday for the better. Come and change yours. The gyms I work in offer a free assessment. What excuse can you have about something free? There are no gimmicks in the training and nutrition program. It only takes your commitment and determination. The next time you are walking around looking for an unhealthy snack, or you can’t find the TV remote, think if there is a better way you could be spending your time. Next time you walk a flight of stairs and at the top you ask yourself “am I really this short of breath?” remember reading this. 

Start believing in yourself and start changing your life right now. Making excuses can no longer be a factor. You can no longer be weak minded and be controlled by food or laziness. My life is changed and enriched everyday by the people brave enough to take the first step. It’s going to be ok!!

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