Friday, January 4, 2013

Food Is Fuel

A Journey Through Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Diabetes and Lifestyle Change

"The unhealthy food you are eating does not care if you have a heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol count or a stroke. YOU have to care!!! You are in control of what goes in your body. When you wake up every morning and tell yourself “I have to do something about my weight,” and then go make the same food choices that you did the day before – you can’t blame the food. Every time I ate something unhealthy I knew it was bad for me – my body would let me know. Your body is letting you know." [Continue Reading]

Directions for following Rich's blog-
Step 1. Read.
Step 2. Be Inspired.
Step 3. Be Honest with Yourself.
Step 4. Make a Change for the Better.

Need help making that change? 
You're already on the right track, but if you need a hand along the way give 
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