Tuesday, October 2, 2012

PowerHouse Athletes

Check out this weeks continuing PowerHouse Athlete: Amber McCourtney

"If someone would have told me a few weeks ago that I would he feeling this good so close to my competition I would think they had lost it.. life is crazy enough as it is without adding in a diet like this."
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Find out what it's like to work with Debbie Portell- Certified personal trainer and nutrition expert - by reading along with our PowerHouse athletes and others each week.

Time to make a change? Need to start that weight loss journey or maybe its time to step up your game and try to be the next PowerHouse Athlete. 

Whatever your goal is give Deb a call at 636-299-2208 to get started! 

Don't wait, do something today. Make your tomorrow a happier and healthier one.

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