Friday, October 12, 2012

PowerHouse Athlete

Continuing with this weeks PowerHouse Athlete: 
Amber McCourtney
A blog devoted to the athletes and competitors produced using Powerhouse Training

week /wēk/
Noun 1. A period of seven days.
2. The last seven days of a life changing 16 week roller coaster..
"One week from today I'll be back stage, insanely dark tan set, jewelry on, suit glued, hair and makeup completed and heart racing. I can hardly believe I've made it. By "made it" I mean completed the grueling 16 weeks of diet and training that go into show prep. I know in one week I will step on stage calm and composed knowing that no matter what package I have to present the battle has been won. And I will exit that stage a changed person."  [continue reading here]

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