Friday, August 10, 2012

PowerHouse Gym Athletes

PowerHouse Gym Athletes: Amber McCourtney

Hear from Amber McCourtney as she fights off some common exercising/food excuses and puts a positive spin on them!

"I often hear people say things such as “I just don’t have the time.”, “Man I wish I had your energy.”, “I just don’t have your enthusiasm.” Well my friends I’m here today to bring you this breaking news… I don’t always have it either lol!! I love what I do but not every day can be fantastic. I don’t jump out of bet at 5am every morning and say “YES! CARDIO AND OATMEAL HERE I COME!” BUT I do make the choice to better myself and in doing so you have to push through the times that may not be so fun to live a happy healthy life. It’s a choice. I made the decision to push myself to be better and do better and try my hardest to better the people around me and in doing so I’m committed to standing by my decision and doing whatever it takes. This week I’ve decided to take a minute to go over a few common misconceptions and/or obstacles and ways to either lessen or resolve them."
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