Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Food Is Fuel

A Journey Through Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Diabetes & Lifestyle Change

"Through the way I was eating and living my life, I got up to 265lbs. One day I was at work and I was bending down to snap on a video screen and I was so out of breath and my belly was so in the way that I told myself “that’s it, I've got to change.” The next day I woke knowing I was going to try to lose weight but not sure how I was going to do it." [Continue Rich's Story here]

Maybe you feel the way Rich did? Keep reading about his journey and be inspired to make a change for the better. If you need help making that change why not hire an expert to help you? If your roof was leaking, most of us are not going to get up on that roof to fix it, but we would call someone who does that for a living. Why? Because they are the experts and they know what they are doing!

So give an expert a call today for you weight loss/health needs. 
Debbie Portell 636-299-2208 or email: debbiecooperportell@gmail.com

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