Friday, July 27, 2012

PowerHouse Gym Athletes

PowerHouse Gym Athlete: Amber McCourtney
See what it's like for Amber to train with PowerHouse trainer Debbie Portell and her team.

"I was on the treadmill today trudging away at my daily uphill journey left alone with my thoughts in an empty Sunday gym. I got that déjà vu ish feeling when you suddenly remember a dream you had the night before. I remembered being at the gym and knocking out some reps. People stopped to turn and look, to watch me. For a fleeting moment I had my pat on the back. It was the silent nod of approval; the three seconds too long glance. It was a Saturday during bootcamp at Powerhouse. I had just busted out some dips and was finishing out the day. Lenn was pushing me through my push-ups and added a chain. I was nearly finished my arms were shaking and body dripped with sweat." [Click here to continue her story]

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