Thursday, June 21, 2012

Power House Atheles: Sara Brown

Check out this weeks PowerHouse Athlete: Sara Brown See what it's like to train with PowerHouse trainer Debbie Portell from the prospective of the client. Click here to see her story and a workout video!

"After the Gateway Naturals Bodybuilding 2011 show, Debbie told me we’d be changing up my leg workouts by doing mostly heavy weight, single exercise sets or 2 exercise super sets with extra rest in-between (1-2 minutes). The rational was that I was beginning my first “off-season” and I needed to build muscle mass. I especially needed to improve my quadriceps. Until then, I’d powered many of my leg movements with my glutes. I happen to have the pelvic-hip orientation that allows me to build glutes easily, and for a long time I’d taken advantage of that by mostly working my glutes! This left my legs underdeveloped and I simply needed more fullness in my quadriceps and hamstrings."

[Continue the story and Sara in action here]

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