Friday, March 2, 2012

What is your return on that investment?

What is your return on that investment?

What are your true priorities?  Are you trying to start the year off healthier?  Maybe drop a few pounds or drop that blood pressure that keeps rising.  Have you started to change your food slightly, then the next step you started walking and moving more and lastly you joined a gym.  What is your return on that investment of your time?

Are you getting what you want out of what you’re putting in?

I often see folks who keep putting their time in.  They keep investing in their health, week after week, but 
never receive the rate of return they are looking for.  They continue to deal with chronic aches and pains, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and staying 10 to 50 pounds overweight.  I worked in the financial field for 10 years.  I started working when I was 18 years old for Edward Jones.  I learned the value of an effective investment.  At that point I made next to nothing but I set aside 5% of what I made into a mutual fund for an entire year.  At the end of that year I couldn't't believe what happened to my money.  From what I had learned and from the advice I had taken from my adviser I grew my money quite well considering I was only 18.   Something about that made a change in my way of thinking for a lifetime.  The principal of if you save you will earn.  If you spend you will end up with nothing.  The same holds true with your health.

If you continue to invest improperly in your health, you will reap only partial benefits and sometimes you will be worse off. 

We are so inundated with data now.  Ten years ago all of our products were fat free and laced with fake artificial sweeteners and corn products. Now that significant research has been done you start to see products, articles and commercials talking about how their food is natural, artificial sweetener free and no corn syrup added.

My advice to you, for myself,  and to anyone is hire a professional.  Get someone lined up with your body and what you’re trying to achieve.  Someone who has a proven tracked record and experience in not only helping folks look better but also helping folks feel better.  Anyone can starve and look better but it takes talent to help someone to not only look better but also feel better.  This person will make the rate of return on your investment so much higher! 

Something else must happen first before any decisions are made.  Align your priorities.  My investment adviser asked me at age 18, what are your priorities.  They were to finish college, buy a home, save for a wedding, save for a child, and save for retirement.  What are your priorities for your health investment?  To drop 20 pounds, to lower your blood pressure, to lower your blood sugar, to be off your medications for good?  OK, we can do that.

Let’s start investing your time wisely. 

First and foremost, prepare your food.  Meet with a professional - understand what you need to eat, where you need to buy it from, how you need to prepare it and how often you should have it.  Then set aside one day a week and prepare it.  This is truly the most important step to really reap a high yield on your investment.  If you don't prepare ahead of time you can plan on a loss of your investment due to cravings, fatigue, headaches, lack of mental clarity and digestive disturbances from having foods off your plan. Second priority, start getting a solid movement plan in place.  You will walk at what time every day, for how long and for how many days.  You will do this because you know if you want to maintain and accomplish those priorities this is a necessity.  The Third priority is finding a way to see yourself and visualize yourself healthy every day.  Don't spend time with folks who bring your net worth down.  Folks who don't have priorities.  Spend your life surrounded by people who share your vision.

Stay focused on your priorities.

Your health is your most prized possession.  Without it you have nothing and your family has nothing, so make it your number one priority.

Start today.  Make the change.  Hire someone to help you.  Let’s get it started and let’s change your life.

"What you see is what you can be."  - John Maxwell.

See yourself healthy!

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