Saturday, March 17, 2012

What are you prepared for?

What Are You Prepared For?

"Your success will be determined by your ability to prepare."  - Rudy Giuliani

Did you prepare for success today or failure?  Did you wake up to a refrigerator full of foods that you prepared ahead of time in order to ensure a successful day?  Did you budget your time in your schedule to insist on getting your cardio in or making sure your stretching and foam rolling happens prior to your workout?

So many times we prepare for failure with our choices.

Just like Rudy said, your level of dedication and the time you spend to prepare for your daily journey will determine your success for that day and for many to come. 

I meet with folks that tell me "I can't make my food Deb, I'm just too busy with my kids or my job.  I can't find time to get my workouts in on a regular basis.  I just can't make it a priority at this time."  This is only
 preparation for failure.  Failure of your health and it will only lead to a daily disappointment in yourself.  Every decision you make towards improving your health counts.

Make the decision this week to prepare for success.

Instead of watching American Idol, write out a plan on how you can budget your time to allow for weekly food prep.  Decide what day of the week you will purchase groceries,
design an exact list that can be used weekly. Try to set the alarm for just 10 minutes early tomorrow morning and start your day with stretching and foam rolling.  I promise this will help improve those aches and pains you experience regularly.  On your way home from work, instead of stopping through drive thru, stop into your local gym.

Hire a trainer.  The money will be spent on something, why not spend it on something that could change your life.  Hire someone to hold you accountable, to give you an appointment to commit to and to keep you on track towards healthy living. 

“Preparation doesn't begin with what you do.  It begins with what you believe.  If you believe that your success tomorrow depends on what you do today, then you will treat today differently.  What you receive tomorrow depends on what you believe today.  If you are preparing today, chances are, you will not be repairing tomorrow.”  - John Maxwell

If your success tomorrow depends on what you do today then what are you planning on doing today? 

I'm planning on preparing my food in advance, getting my cardio in no matter if my day is 8 hours or 12 hours long, I will stretch and foam roll and I will get my workout in.  Even more important than all of those, I will set my mind on the path for success.  I will prepare myself mentally for what it will take to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.  I will pray for guidance, as well as spend my time reading and studying success.  I will spend my time around healthy and successful people.  Lastly, I will speak success into my future daily, not defeat or failure.

“Every major difficulty you face in life is a fork in the road.  You choose which track you will head down, toward breakdown or breakthrough.”- John Maxwell

Make wise choices today, because they will become your tomorrow.  God Bless you this week as you make the decision to live healthy and change your life.

Debbie Portell

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