Friday, March 23, 2012

This week’s workout: Legs

This week’s workout: Legs

This workout will be great for anyone who is trying to develop muscle.  My sessions are only 50 minutes long so this is not all you can do.  This is only one workout.  I recommend you change your plan often but always keep some of the fundamentals like squatting, pressing, dead lifts and lunges.  Then week by week accent your workout with other movements to change things up and throw things off a bit. 
I recommend having someone work with you who fully understands your alignment.  Its so easy for someone to say "Hey you need to back squat for leg size" or "you need to go below parallel if you want to really change your legs".  But do they really know you, your imbalances, your alignment?  Do they know your weak muscles and your strong muscles.  No they don't.  They know what they see other people do.  They know what Youtube tells them.  They know what magazines tell them.  Find someone who takes a detailed physiological approach to you, your body and your workouts.  Suddenly you will find yourself working out totally different than anyone else in the gym, and you'll also find yourself growing. 
If your not working to lengthen your tight muscles and strengthen your weak muscles you will never achieve the body of your dreams.  Your shoulders can hinder your glute growth just as much as your hips can.  If your shoulders continue to stay out of alignment and excessively forward than how can your glutes grow fully?  How will they lift and fill in if your pelvis is not correctly aligned.  They won't.  You will continue with the same exercises year after year and never reap a harvest.  Try these exercises but even more important than the workout, try to find a way to see how your body is sitting.  Try to understand the way it should, and start applying the principles it will take to get it into the place it needs to be in order to receive 100% benefit from your movements.  Lastly, find out what exercises make sense for you and your shape and what exercises are a waist of time.  Just because your friend who is in shape does the back squat or the hack squat doesn't mean its best for you.  Learn what is best for you and run your own race.  Own your imbalances and challenge yourself to overcome them. 
Happy leg building!
Debbie Portell


 Click the above video to see some of these exercises

1 Leg Press                                                    Stationary Lunge 

2 Hack Squat                                                  6 Functional Deadlift 

3 Front Squat                                                 7 Lying Hamstring Curl 

Swing Squat                                              8 Barbell Back Extension 

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