Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hamstring - Week 1

This week’s workout: Hamstring

This workout will be great for anyone who wants to shape and tighten the hamstring as well as increase the roundness to its shape.

Foam rolling and stretching your hamstrings ahead of time is so important to insure your strength is optimal.  

So many folks complain of lower back pain when working hamstrings. Guess what, your posture matters!  Are you tired of me yet?!  It really does matter in your hamstring development.  I can't tell you how many rounded backsI see in the gym as I walk through watching folks do their deadlifts, back extensions and leg curls.  It really makes a difference  on all of these.  If you round your shoulders and therefore round your back I can promise you that your back will be activated.  Kick your hips out and use them for your deadlift and protect your back.

Correct alignment will always be important. 

No matter what exercise your doing or what body part you’re working.  Just call me the alignment police.  I’m here to keep you healthy, but most importantly to keep you from wasting your time.  So many folks spend countless hours in the gym but continue to see no change in their body.  Hire me for an assessment.  Let me look at your body and help you to determine how you should work your hamstrings.  Not everyone should do deadlifts.  Not everyone should do back extensions.  There are reasons for these exercises.  If you continually feel your lower back for days after these exercises let's change some things and start to fire those hamstrings up.  


Try this work out and see how you feel

1 Functional deadlift

2 Wide high squat press leg press 

3 Single leg curls 

Barbell Romanian deadlift

Lying ham curl

6 Dumbbell sumo deadlift

7  Barbell back extension

8  Ball hamstring curl

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