Thursday, January 19, 2012

Triceps - Week 3

This week’s workout: Triceps

This workout will be great for anyone trying to grow and increase separation of the triceps.

I normally train biceps and triceps together with my clients.  I have them oppose each other.  So they client does a bicep move and then a triceps move and that's one set. 

Just as in any muscle group posture is a must for appropriate growth of the triceps.  If the shoulders are improperly aligned you will find that you use maybe 60% of the triceps on your movements, but use the traps and shoulders for the other 40%.  

Just stand in the mirror with your shoulders back and your knuckles facing to the side of you.  Tell me how your triceps looks in comparison to your knuckles facing forward.  You lose the triceps when your knuckle faces forward because the trap is lengthened and the shoulder is forward.  I see this all the time in the gym with cable triceps extensions and body weight dips as well as weighted dips.  Forward shoulders on these movements are once again allowing you to continue to overdevelop the wrong muscles on your body.  

Enjoy the feeling of tight, well developed arms.  Make your flexibility a priority and watch your body change for the better!


Try the following workout to swell the triceps:

Dip stand Body Weight Dips

2 Forward Rope Cable Triceps Extension

3 Overhead Triceps Extension with cable

Barbell Skull Crusher into Close Grip Press

Weighted Dip Machine facing forward

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