Thursday, January 26, 2012

Glutes & Quads - Week 4

This week’s workout: Glutes & Quads 

This workout will be great for anyone who is trying to improve the fullness and size of their legs as well as improve the Glute hamstring tie in. 

I suggest hiring a professional for legs.  They are the one body part you can really hurt yourself while training.  One thing folks don't always consider is that if they have forward shoulder posture and a posterior hip axis they normally will try to pull from their lower back in almost everything they do.  I would hire someone who is NASM or CHEK certified.  Someone who can fully assess your imbalances and determine what muscles sit short and tight and which ones sit long and weak.  You need someone to identify if you have neutral hips, posterior hips or an anterior hip tilt.  Each of these requires different training techniques in order to develop the body correctly.  You would be surprise how many girls I meet that have posterior hips and their chief complaint is saddle bags and or flat upper half of the glute.

When the hips are in this position it is almost impossible to develop a full glute.  In addition the lower half of the glute pushes against the hamstring which often pushes the skin out to the side causing a saddle bag as well as the appearance of gathered skin or cellulite.  WE CAN FIX THIS. Hold off on the Laser or the surgery.  Let’s just change your alignment.  Let’s just improve your flexibility first and I GUARANTEE you will change your body.  I can show you exercises that will lengthen you and exercises that will strengthen you as well as exercises you should never do!  Let me help you, if I can't find someone who can.  Don't waste one more minute training your legs inefficiently.  I can help you line this out and look exactly the way you want to look. It takes hard work. There might be tears, I know there will be sweat and I’ve often heard loud noises but you will change those legs before you know it!

Foam roll, foam roll, foam roll.

My trainer always says you’re only as strong as your weakest link.  He is right.  Foam rolling warms you up to stretch and it also gets your body ready to receive the stretch and breaks down any toxic build up.  Get it doneDAILY and watch your strength increase weekly.  Stretch, stretch, stretch.  Prior to your routine and after - stretch hip flexor, quad, glute, hamstring, inner thigh and calf.

Lastly have someone take a look at your shape.  Everyone’s bones structure is different there for your workouts should be different. Just because a figure pro or a body builder says below parallel squats and knees to your chest leg presses are the only way to develop your legs doesn’t mean it is.  Sooooo many folks should not be taking their movements this deep.

Little do they know they are hurting themselves more than helping.

I have several people that train this way but several who don't.  Where does your quad connect?  Is it a high connection?  If so anything that deep could work towards making your hips look wider.  I could go on and on and on but I won't.  Just call me and schedule an assessment and I will tell you exactly where you connect and what you should be doing in terms of depth for your movements.

Try some of these movements for your workout and make sure you foam roll and stretch prior to. 

Try some of these movements for your workout and make sure you foam roll and stretch prior to. 

Reverse Hack Squat

2 Narrow DB Squat

Split squat with elevated rear leg

Swing Squat

Narrow leg Press

Lying Bridge

Glute Kick out machine

Plyo Lunge

Back Extension

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