Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finding Your True North - Week 4

Finding Your True North

When I work with folks on nutrition I want them to understand that these concepts are life changing and should be implemented for a lifetime, not for a short time to lose weight.  Weight loss comes when someone starts applying new habits.  The weight stays off when someone finds their "True North".  They are living within their sweet spot.  They have researched, trialed and tested several foods for weeks if not months to create a harmony that makes them feel amazing. 

It’s not just about the scale.  It’s about how you feel.  

Look for more than a quick fix to your health and weight loss goals.  Seek to find your True North.  Hire a professional that will work with you to test several meals in order to make sure you body receives them
well.  How you digest your food matters, how you feel after you eat matters.  If you feel sick to your stomach after you eat or drink something, no this is not your sweet spot.  You need to change your plan.  If you feel like sleeping after your meal then you are finding your True South.  The fastest way away from feeling your best.

Pay attention to your body and what it’s telling you.  It matters.  Food can heal you just as much as it can harm you so work with someone to build a framework of foods that work for you.  Just because the resident body builder eats brown rice everyday doesn't mean you will do well on it.  Just because the local bikini model posts her high protein diet online every day, doesn't mean you have any business eating it.  Find out what works for you.  Do the same for your workouts.  No two bodies are alike.  See what's happening with your body and workout to improve your weaknesses, not just because the magazine tells you to.  

 Find your sweet spot.  Feel what it feels like to walk through your day and think, "I feel great today.  I’m staying full all day, I’m satisfied, I’m prepared, I’m energized,  I’m blessed and not cursed."  This is your sweet spot.  Your True North.  The compass that is leading you to the path of your future which holds so much in store for you because you've decided to put your health first, not over indulgence with food and alcohol.  Food is your life, your fuel, not your entertainment.  Learn to make healthy food taste good, but remove it from your ability to satisfy yourself and entertain yourself.  Eat clean today and all week. Watch your body transform, your mind become clearer, your energy soar, your health issues improve and less aches and pains daily. I’m blessed to live in my sweet spot and I thank God for it daily.

God Bless you this week.

In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us - Romans 8:37

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