Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fast Fitness Week 2

Fast Fitness

I had a call the other day from someone who took an interest in personal training and nutrition.  She said she was also looking into a gym close by as well.  She said she did a program in the past but it was too low carb for her so she wanted to make sure this program would have plenty of carbs in it for her.  Apparently the other gym had promised her over the phone a serving of sweet potato and oatmeal daily and assured her she would lose 30lbs in a little over a month. 

I told her wow!  Now that’s some Fast Fitness!  Sign me up! 

How over the phone would I ever be able to determine if this woman needed a serving of oats and sweet potato per day? 
I wouldn’t promise her this.  I promised her we would assess all aspects of her diet which would include how her body metabolizes certain foods, oxidation, her blood type and her likes and dislikes.  I told her this would be a process but my hope would be for a loss of 1-3lb loss a week with a initial first week loss of 2-5lbs.  I explained what a carbohydrate was to her.

The fitness industry has changed considerably since I was young. I started lifting weights at George Turners Gym in the 8th grade with my father. I took high school body building every semester while working out at Turners or Powerhouse for 4 years of high school.  Then went on to College still working out at Powerhouse, Golds, 24 Hour Fitness, Rhino Fitness and Lifetime Fitness.  Every year of training it was a new season for the gym.  In high school the trainers looked like something out of a magazine.  HUGE muscles.  Boy did they know how to lift.  They truly had an amazing understanding of the body and what it would take to change it.  Then I saw years of aerobics and the fusion of cardio and lighter weights.  Now I see even less weight and body weight movements.  I love all of these styles and I try to pull from each ERA so to speak in my training.  The only thing I don’t pull from is this FAST FITNESS.  Everything will happen in a month.  Rush Rush Rush to get your body in shape and then you do what?  What happens then? 

Do you go back to your old habits or have you created a pattern of new habits that will last you lifetime?

When looking to a trainer or a nutritional advisor, look to see if they have withstood the test of time or are they going with the flow of the most current trend.  Look at their people.  How do they look?  Have they continued to look that way over the years or did they look that way for 30 days?  Fitness is a lifestyle and one that should be evolved and changing with the times but don’t forget the fundamentals.  Dance with the one who brung ya.  Strength training, cardio and a complete whole food diet will get you weight loss but will keep you maintaining optimal health for a life time.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing you have to crawl on your face across the gym every morning to lose 30lbs in 30 days and in order to have energy you must eat oats and sweet potatoes daily.  Do your homework.  Learn your body.  I fall asleep immediately after eating oats.  What if someone made me eat them?  I would gain 10lbs in a week.  What if someone told me that over the phone?  I also have clients that do wonderful having oats 4 times a day and would do terrible on my diet.

No two people are alike so why should their diet and exercise be. 

Work with a nutritional advisor that explains this to you.  Understand there are more to carbs than the starchy ones and attempt to use vegetables and moderate amounts of fruits as your carbs for a few meals and see how you feel.  I bet satisfied and not hungry as long as you’re having enough and you’re having a sufficient amount of fatty acids and proteins with your meals.  Have someone thoroughly assess your body.  Looking for short and tight muscles as well as long and weak.  You need a flexibility plan that you should repeat daily along with corrective exercises.  Never allow someone to put you into one style of training.  Your body needs all types.  Strength training is important for protection of your bones.  In addition the muscle tissue acts as natural fat burner for the body.  Cardio will not only assist you in fat burning, but it improves blood flow, increases stamina and allows our heart and lungs to stay healthy for a life time.

In summary, NO TWO PEOPLE CAN EAT EXACTLY THE SAME and expect the same results.  In addition, no one can promise you carbs, carbs, carbs and 30lbs in a month.  Fitness and health is a journey.  One worth taking, but be sure and not allow yourself to be set up for a fall.  Be realistic and smart in your approach.  Enjoy the fact that daily you will have more energy because of you workouts.  Regularly your aches and pains will start to minimize and your strength and stability will maximize.  You can slowly wean off of medications and experience less headaches, fatigue, indigestion and water retention.

Start slow, set your goals, hire a professional with a proven track record and well rounded experience. 

Track your progress and applaud your progressions.
Enjoy this healthy life God has given you the opportunity to live.  Start Today!

God Bless you this week,

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