Thursday, January 5, 2012

Biceps - Week 1

This week’s workout: biceps

This workout will be great for everyone who wants to improve the strength as well as appearance of their biceps.

The most common thing I normally hear regarding biceps is I just want then bigger.  One of the most important but rarely considered factors is posture and alignment.  Often I see folks with forward shoulders and over developed traps.  This leaves an under developed chest and it also affects the biceps as well as triceps.  As you’re approaching each bicep move you must consider your shoulders.  If you don't, you can plan to activate them as well as your traps throughout each rep of your bicep workout.  Therefore never really fully tapping into the muscle and leaving the depth of the muscle belly empty.

Shoulder rotations, wall slides, standing cobras and foam rolling of the lats and traps will get you on the right path to proper alignment.  In addition on the right path to increase chest size, fuller biceps and sharpened triceps.  

So to recap, pay close attention to your posture while doing each movement carefully.  A rounded back will only hurt your lower back as well as overdevelop an area I know you would prefer not. We all hold enough tension in our traps and neck already.  

Everyone is eager to change their body and most are highly committed to strength training.  Yet these same folks won’t spend anytime focusing on their flexibility.  Foam rolling, stretching and corrective exercises should be done daily.  Not one time a week, one time a month or never. 

You are only going to change your shape when you start tending to its maintenance daily. 

It’s just like a car.  If you fill its tank with gas yes it will run and it will run fast BUT without oil changes, tune ups and tire rotations you will be without a healthy ride before you know it.  You can count on the exact same thing happening to your body.  You can work with a trainer one time a week or on your own five times a week, but if you don't tend to your flexibility you can plan for your body to speak in a language of injury.  This will include chronic low back pain, neck pain, mid back pain, knee and hip pain.

My advice, do the whole job.  Not just half.  Foam roll, stretch and do your corrective exercises daily and watch you physique change weekly.  Your body will love it.  Your strength with soar and your workouts will have greater purpose and results.

Work hard and enjoy your results. 


Try these 6 exercises for your next bicep workout!

1 Reverse grip dumbbell curl

2 Rope cable curl

3 Lying on back forehead curls


Seated behind the head cable curls

Barbell 21's

6 Dumbbell hammer curls

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