Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Check Your Seeds - Week 5

Check your seeds.

If you don't like the crop you’re reaping, check the seeds you’re sowing.  

What seeds are you sowing towards your health today?  Have you made time for your workout?  Did you prepare your food for the week?  Are you getting your cardio in daily?  Did you stretch and foam roll 
every day?  All of these are the making for a fine crop for a season of a healthy life.

Each step you make towards a healthy lifestyle is rewarded. 

Your energy improves, your waistline decreases, your digestion becomes more efficient, endurance increases and your attitude has improved.  These seeds are life altering.  Taking the time to ensure your food is prepared for the week makes it to where it’s almost impossible for you to not stick to a clean, healthy diet. 

Scheduling an appointment for your workouts either for yourself or with your trainer makes it a priority and shows all of those around you that you’re serious about staying healthy.

If you create a habit of anything make it daily cardio.  Even though this will produce weight loss it will more importantly improve blood flow, lung function and helps to create your neurotransmitters for brain health.  Daily cardio should become second nature.  This seed will provide a harvest that will give you a result of a long health filled life.

Don't wait until it’s too late to do your planting.  Planting your seeds too late in the season will not produce a harvest or it might, but it will be weak.  Treat your body the same.  Don't plant seeds of poor decisions and continual over indulgence.  You will never be satisfied with yourself or your life. 

Food is not your entertainment.....it is your survival.  

You CAN make clean food taste good.  I promise!  You can make time for exercise, even if you have a busy job, busy family or lack of motivation.  Just get started today.  God said no seed planted will ever come up void.  Just make sure you plant seeds that you want to see harvest.  Start caring for yourself and your health today.  This is a perfect day to change your life.

God Bless,

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